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Barry Rogoff Diamond Cutters opened its doors in 1984 with the idea of servicing the diamond and jewelry trade in all aspects of diamond cutting. Word of mouth quickly spread about our re-cutting and repair service. Today we are very proud of our work that we provide for our clients.

We Provide:
• Re-cutting and repairing broken, damaged, chipped stones •

• Specializing in Ideal and GIA Excellent Proportions. AGS zero cut grade and other premium makes •

• Fancy Cuts and all GIA certificate work (imporvable and potentials) are our stock in trade •

• We handle all of your report/certificate needs •

• We handle all shipping and corresponence with the GIA, AGS, and EGL •

• Before we begin work on your stone(s), we discuss each job extensively with you, offering alternatives that may be better suited for your particular needs and profitability •

• Fast turn-around time, overnight service available. We take care of you •

• We also offer an excellent stone repair service •

Trade Affiliations: Diamond Club West Coast - GIA Alumni Association - Rapnet Network - Jewelers Board of Trade.
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Services & Labor Fees to the Trade

Full Re-cut of Old Cuts and broken and chipped Round Brilliant Cuts

1.00 ct + $200 - $375 per carat
(Prices based on Premium, Ideal, xx - vg, 0 cut grades, etc.)

Full Re-cut of Fancy Shapes

1.00ct + $275 - $450 per carat

Additional Services

Minor Repairs & Partial Re-cuts $65 - $125 per carat
GIA Certificate Work - Potential/Improvable Clarity $200 - $450 per carat
(We handle all the certification with the GIA, AGS, and EGL)
Custom Cuts $225 - $400 per carat

• Please add 50% for all overnight and rush jobs •

• Free estimates and analysis on all your re-cutting needs •

• All stones are fully insured while in our posession •

• Please note that all labor charges do not include shipping •

• All prices are subject to change •
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