Diamonds re-cut, repaired, and restored with pride...
Our process is a delicate balance of attentive analysis of each stone, precise calibration of every tool and machine, and careful workmanship with every cut and polish.
Recutting a 46 carat Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond

Recutting a 28 carat Emerald Cut Diamond

Cutting Rough Diamonds

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Considering A Worthy Investment
Defining Repolishing
Cutting Standards Are More Demanding

Improving Stones For Estate Clients
Old Cuts & Cutting History
The Complete Recutting Process

Barry's Life As A Diamond Cutter
We specialize in the repair and restoration of all gem stones and jewelry, offering:

Re-cutting and repairing broken, damaged, and chipped stones

Ideal & GIA Excellent Proportions

AGS Zero Cut Grade & Other Premium Makes

Reporting & Certification

Colored Stone Repair

Fast Turn-Around Time & Overnight Service Available

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