Established in 1984 by Barry Rogoff and Yakov Kleyman...
My name is Barry Rogoff, and I started to cut diamonds in 1966.
I served my apprenticeship at the world renowned diamond cutting works of Gustave Katz in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I grew up.

In 1976 I moved to New York where I worked for Baumgold Brothers, Inc., for four years which I like to refer to as my second apprenticeship because of all the new tools and techniques I learned.

In 1980 I moved to Los Angeles, it was here that I met Yakov Kleyman, who would later join me in establishing Barry Rogoff Diamond Cutters in 1984. Yakov and I have been working together ever since.

In addition to diamond cutting I graduated from GIA with a Diamond Grading Certificate. Over the years I have worked with GIA on a number of projects, contributing to course materials for diamond cutting. I like working with students and have hosted field trips to our factory and visited Alumni Chapters and Gemologist Clubs with my presentations on Diamond Processing. For many years I had the privilege of serving on the Educational Advisory Committee for the GIA - Los Angeles Branch.

Currently I am experimenting with new styles and shapes incorporating Old Mine and Old European Cuts.
My name is Yakov "Yahsa" Kleyman.
I grew up in Moscow, where in 1969 I began my career as a diamond cutter, starting out at what was then called "Plant Krystal Diamond Factory".

In 1978 I moved to New York, having the good fortune of being able to work for Lazare Kaplan, where I learned the importance of cutting to Ideal Proportions.

In 1980 I moved to Los Angeles, where I met Barry Rogoff.

Four years later, in 1984 I helped establish Barry Rogoff Diamond Cutters, Inc. where I handle the grinding and blocking of the diamonds that we cut for our clients. I also analyze the damage and weight loss associated with each of the round stones that are sent in for repair.
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We specialize in the repair and restoration of all diamonds and colored stones, offering:

Re-cutting and repairing broken, damaged, and chipped stones

Ideal & GIA Excellent Proportions

AGS Zero Cut Grade & Other Premium Makes

Reporting & Certification

Colored Stone Repair

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