Repairing, Restoring, and Renewing Diamonds since 1984.
Barry Rogoff Diamond Cutters, Inc. was established with one goal in mind: providing fair, honest, and professional cutting and repair of white and colored diamonds; restoring and improving each stone to achieve its highest potential of beauty and value. Though the company took shape in the Jewelry District of Downtown Los Angeles in 1984, Barry Rogoff and Yakov Kleyman have been cutting some of the world's finest and most important stones since the late 1960's. Boasting almost 100 combined years of experience in the trade, Barry and Yakov have established themselves as two of the finest diamond cutters in the world.

As a GIA Certified Diamond Grader, Barry Rogoff holds his work to the strictest standards in the industry, cutting each stone with the utmost precision and attention to detail, achieving the most ridgid standards of ideal proportions. Whether the stone is badly made, old, chipped, or broken, Barry Rogoff Diamond Cutters, Inc. has the knowledge, understanding, and experience to improve any condition of diamond to its maximum potential.
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We specialize in the repair and restoration of all diamonds and colored stones, offering:

Re-cutting and repairing broken, damaged, and chipped stones

Ideal & GIA Excellent Proportions

AGS Zero Cut Grade & Other Premium Makes

Reporting & Certification

Colored Stone Repair

Fast Turn-Around Time & Overnight Service Available

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